Chiefs get the last laugh

Kelvin Duley II

In the wake of Peyton Manning finally announcing his retirement on Monday, I can’t help but to think about Manning’s 16 games against the Kansas City Chiefs over his 18-year long career.

As much as I respect and love me some Manning as a casual football fan, I absolutely hated his guts on many Sundays. He made plenty of my Sundays miserable on so many different levels.

In 16 match-ups, Manning was 14-2 against the Chiefs, that’s including removing the Chiefs from the playoffs twice.

Now, all is good since Manning is retiring. Collectively, let’s exhale together Chiefs Kingdom. No more Manning in that putrid orange & blue. Perhaps, I’m a little salty and I’m just finding a way to remove your ears and eyes away from the week long Manning retirement coverage.

Oddly enough, I did find some pleasure or a morale victory in the Chiefs 2-14 record against Manning. 

As a Chiefs fan, I will take consolation in the very last meeting the Chiefs had with Manning on Nov. 15, 2015. If you were still around and hadn’t jumped off the bandwagon already, then that date brings joy to eyes and pumps love out your heart. In Manning’s final game against the Chiefs, Manning was intercepted four times. Not only did the Chiefs win that game, Manning was benched, completed five of his 20 pass attempts, and had a passer rating of only 0.0. That’s the only game in his eminent career that Manning has had a passer rating of 0. That’s most definitely the only time I recall Manning ever being benched. 

And you know what, that’s enough for me. I can care less about a 2-14 record. He sure as hell didn’t win that last meeting though.

Some may say. Well, he’s undefeated versus several other teams in the NFL. So, why so salty? Why care so much? Maybe because he’s terrorized the Chiefs with two different franchises. Maybe because he’s lost in Arrowhead only once in eight visits. Maybe because of the remaining 31 NFL teams he had to choose from during the 2012 offseason, he chose to take his talents to Denver of all places.

Who am I kidding, that one win doesn’t completely mask the fact that the Chiefs won one game every seven match-ups against Manning. But it does speak to how dominate and the level of comfort Manning had when staring across the ball at those white, red, and yellow uniforms. 

As he rides off into the sunset, I’ll never abandon the fact that my Chiefs sent Manning out of the NFL with his worst game ever.