Nominee pulls off stunning win in bid for White House


Gage Skidmore

President-elect Donald Trump celebrates with his supporters after winning his election against Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. Trump will be the first President in history with no prior government or military experience. 

Jack Girard

Donald Trump is now the President-elect of the United States of America, defeating former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton by 51 electoral votes. Trump won Missouri by 59 percent with Hilary Clinton at 38 percent.

In Missouri, incumbent Republican Senator Roy Blunt defeated challenger Jason Kander by a margin of 3 percent. Eric Greitens, a former Navy SEAL, was elected governor of the state, defeating Democrat Chris Koster. 

Missouri Southern’s polling station at the Mills Anderson Justice Center had a busy day, drawing in over 600 people before noon.

The presidential results held close to a poll conducted by The Chart on Sept. 9, which predicted a Donald Trump victory with 37 percent, third party candidates winning 24 percent, Hilary Clinton at 17 percent, and undecided at 22 percent.

Trump won swing states traditionally in Democrat coalitions such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin while also winning toss-up states like Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Nicholas Nicoletti, also said that it is possible that Trump picked up support from the message of Bernie Sanders earlier concerning trade. Trump often touted policies to reduce control immigration and renegotiate trade deals.

“This election year is the Brexit election if you look at it very closely,” said Nicoletti. “Donald Trump won on two major issues that are intertwined. He won on the issues of trade, globalization, and immigration.”

Nicoletti holds the belief that the economy was in substantially better shape than it was in 2008, but the benefits favored skilled laborers and companies with high human capital. This factor, in theory, left workers outside those fields behind. Pennsylvania and Ohio are good examples of states that lost jobs in the Rust Belt. He also said that Trump had free access to the media with more exposure than many candidates before him.

According to the New York Times, Trump consistently held the lead with working-class white males. According to NBC News, he also performed better with Latinos and African-Americans than his predecessor Mitt Romney. According to PewResearch, male voters preferred Trump and female voters preferred Clinton by 12 points each.