Senate leaves mark, names College roads

Michelle Conty

It is official — the roads on campus have been named and the signs have been ordered.

“We should take pride in making our campus better,” said Stacey Allen, Student Senate secretary.

“The mark we are leaving will be around for a long time,” said John Smith, sophomore senator.

Senate had approached the administration in years past to get the campus streets named, but were unable to do so.

“I talked to President León in late September, and he had some concerns,” said Zack Odem, Senate president. “He didn’t want the names to cause controversy or people to get upset.

“I think this (naming the streets) will increase school spirit and pride in Southern. It’s a beautification project with practical benefits. This shows a lot of trust and respect from them (the administration) toward us.”

Senate is considering allocating funding to go toward the street signs. The cost is estimated at $1,200-$1,300,

“I would recommend $1,000,” Odem said, “because that’s what we would give to fund a group or organization.”

Including Duquesne and Newman roads, 13 roads will be getting signs. Student Senate proposed the names for administration to approve. Street names are: Green and Gold Boulevard, Southern View Drive, Mission Hills Drive, Lion Pride Lane, University Parkway, International Avenue, Victory Lane, Stadium Drive, Lantern Drive, Julie Hughs Drive and Mansion Drive.

Southern Drive and Scenic Drive were names proposed but rejected by the administration.

Scenic Drive could not be used because a street in Joplin has that name, and since the names will be listed with the 911 service, problems could arise.

Southern Drive was passed over to name a road for former Southern faculty member Julie Hughs. Hughs retired from the social science department.

“She was a very well-respected faculty member,” Odem said. “The street was named after her at President León’s discretion. I understand she was very active when Southern was becoming a four-year institution as well as being active with the alumni association.”

When the administration gave the Senate the rules for street names, it stipulated not to name the streets after people.

“She obviously had a big impact on the school,” Smith said.

“In the past, Student Senate hasn’t done something as visible. I’m proud that we have had the ability to leave our mark on Missouri Southern,” said Andrew McGowan, Senate treasurer.

The College can change the name of a street in the future.

Not enough senators were present for a quorum, causing voting to be tabled until next week’s meeting.

Quorum requires 17 senators, not including officers, to be present. Sixteen were in attendance.

Since senate could not have a quorum, the attending senators made announcements and went over reports.

Allen replaced Odem as student representative for the Board of Regents.

“They (the Board) asked for another applicant to be sent in along with Zack’s,” she said.

McGowan, reported Senate has $10,650 left to allocate. Senate has not received the budget for the spring semester.

The stoplights on Newman and Duquesne roads were also discussed.

“We’re waiting on MoDOT to paint the lines so we can turn on the stoplight,” Odem said.

“The light by the stadium is either on schedule or ahead of schedule to my understanding. Those lines are to be painted by the city, and they’re usually quicker to get things done.”

A comment by State Rep. Chuck Graham (D-Columbia) about closing Southern made its way into Senate.

“It’s not going to happen,” Odem said. “It’s never going to happen. We are not going to shut our doors. But you’re all free to write letters and make phone calls to Jefferson City.”