Highway 71 memorializes late Missouri patrolman

Portions of Highway 71 will be named after the late Trooper Charles Corbin.

Portions of Highway 71 will be named after the late Trooper Charles Corbin.

Virginia Fairchild

Part of Highway 71 within Jasper County may soon be memorialized.

Sen. Jon Dolan (R-St. Charles County) is sponsoring legislation to rename a portion of the highway after Trooper Charles P. Corbin of St. Charles County. Corbin, who died in 1943, was the fourth Missouri State Highway Patrolman to perish in the line of duty and the first to be killed in a vehicle accident. This is the 60th anniversary of his death.

“Despite the number of years that have passed since the trooper’s death, it doesn’t lessen the gratitude for this particular man,” said Sen. Gary Nodler (R-Joplin).

Dolan said his intention is not to rename the entire highway, but to just re-sign an area near the site of Corbin’s death.

“You’ll just see a selection of signs around a certain corridor on 71 that would complement the area and illustrate the importance of remembering people like Trooper Corbin,” Dolan said.

Corbin patrolled Jasper County around the time of World War II.

“I think our doing a memorial highlights the importance of such service and the importance of recognizing how much troopers do for us when no one else is around,” Dolan said. “It’s just a proper way to show support for where these troopers served.”

Senate Bill 289 will be placed on the consent calendar and is most likely going to be passed through both the Senate and the House as consent bills, he said.

Dolan said since the cost is minimal, it will be easily absorbed. The Trooper’s Association will also donate money to go toward the signs.

“There are many bills through my committee to memorialize the heroes that are part of the troopers in the community that have died in the line of duty,” Dolan said.

“We are trying to select an area that’s very fitting for a memorial and show that we care about people who serve like he did.”