Food service looks to new company

Becky Blankenship, AmeriServe worker, serves breakfast to Amanda Ince, freshman elementary education major.

Becky Blankenship, AmeriServe worker, serves breakfast to Amanda Ince, freshman elementary education major.

Craig Jones

Those with their ear to the ground have heard the news that has been been circulating regarding the future of the food service at Missouri Southern.

“We may have a new food company,” said Doug Carnahan, dean of students. “It will all happen this spring. We still have Ameriserve through the end of May.”

Carnahan said the potential change was initiated by Ameriserve because the company wished to renegotiate its contract with Southern.

Carnahan said Ameriserve entered into the contract when Southern only had one cafeteria. That was before the opening of the Lion’s Den in the Billingsly Student Center and the coffee shop in Spiva Library.

“Since the original arrangement was made prior to all those changes, they felt like they wanted to renegotiate what they were being paid by the College,” Carnahan said.

He said the decision was made not to renegotiate, but to invite Ameriserve to terminate the contract. Southern would then request bids from various food service providers, including Ameriserve.

“That’s what Ameriserve chose to do,” Carnahan said. “They notified us they were terminating their contract. We only had a year left on the contract anyway. I think both parties felt like this was the right way to do this.”

Carnahan said Southern has begun to request proposals from food service providers. Carnahan said he believes students are generally satisfied with the food service.

“Food service is always a battle,” Carnahan said. “You know, you’re only as good as your last meal.”

Krystal Turner, senior communications major, said food service could always stand to be improved.

“It looks like it has been sitting out all day,” Turner said.

“It needs to be warmer when we get it.”

Carnahan said input from students is handled through a food service committee that meets with Ameriserve management.

The committee, which is comprised of mainly residence hall students, provides suggestions to the food directors.

“Generally, we’ve been very pleased,” Carnahan said.

“We’re not going out to bid because we’re unhappy with them.

That doesn’t have anything to do with it.”

Erina Parks, senior theatre major, said it will be easier than walking across campus just to eat.

“We spend most of our time over there anyway,” she said.