Clubs receive Senate funds

Michelle Conty

Three organizations requested funding from Student Senate this week.

Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society will be attending the Midwest Sociological Society meetings April 16-19 in Chicago. This opportunity allows the students the chance to observe professional sociologists present research and make connections which may facilitate graduate school admission, said Shannon Moller, AKD president.

Missouri Southern Investment Club plans to attend the Financial Management Leader’s Conference March 27-28 in Chicago. Students will have the opportunity to listen to and network with CEOs of Fortune 100 corporations, said Travis Sainsbury, Investment Club president.

Missouri Southern Orientation Leaders will be attending a conference covering topics in peer education, leadership skills and alcohol awareness. The three requests were unanimously allocated $1,000 each.

A blanket resolution titled “Senate Resolution on Campus Rules” had its first reading. There was no opposition from the Senate floor. There will be discussion on the resolution at the next meeting.

Trent Dobrauc, senior senator and chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, plans to meet with Dr. Paul Teverow, president of Faculty Senate, and College President Julio León, next week to discuss the resolution.

“In years past, Student Senate has not used our capabilities,” he said. “We’ve allocated funds, but we have not served as a liaison for the student body. We have taken the administration’s word as gospel without question or thought. It’s not our right to question authority, it is our responsibility.”

Senate Awards Committee, chaired by senior senator Casey Highland, named and outlined the requirements for an award for outstanding senator. The Distinguished Senator 2002-2003 Award will be awarded at the spring picnic.

“I want whoever receives this award to be proud of it,” Highland said.