For The Win

Kelvin Duley II

So the word on the streets is Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather Promotions is promoting a celebrity boxing match. Let me ask, what two celebrities would you like to see stand toe-to-toe inside the ring? Let’s start with President Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama. Wouldn’t you love to see the Obama beat the Cheetos orange off of Trump? What about Da- vid Letterman vs. Jay Leno? My money is on Leno and his chin. Here’s a good one. Meek Mill vs. Drake. Drake won on the billboards and memes but who would really win in the ring?

I guarantee none of you mentioned Chris Brown or Soulja Boy aka Big Soulja or Young Draco. By now, I’m sure you’ve caught wind of the possible boxing match between Soulja Boy and Brown. Let me tell you, that’s comedy gold at its finest. The inept Young Draco vs. the man who deserves an ass beating for what he did to the stunning Rihanna. Yes, by now you should have forgiven him but he stills deserves that ass whooping. To make matters more comedic, “Iron Man” Mike Tyson has gotten involved and dropped a diss track aimed at Young Draco. You know it’s real when Tyson has stepped inside the booth.

But there’s a silver lining to this whole publicity stunt and it’s aimed at the black community. Put down the guns, put your hands up and duke it out like men.

Tyson and Mayweather serve as the perfect catalyst for such an event. Here we have two of the greatest boxing champions we’ve ever seen urging two black celebrities to settle this the way they’ve settle disputes their whole careers.

It’s the perfect storm because now-a-days, hip-hop beefs take place over Twitter and Instagram. It’s about who can yell the loudest and parade the most guns in a 30 seconds clip, which tells you a lot about the evolution of hip-hop beefs. Hip-hop beefs seemingly went from genuine dislike which resulted in actual fights or possible death (2-pac vs. Biggie), to who can garner the most views, memes, and shares on social media. It’s as simple as who can win over social media first.

Let’s try to redefine the culture and influence of hip-hop boxing. Hip-hop over the course of three decades has served as a gateway for MCs and rappers to uplift black people, speak up for generations people and provide a voice to the voiceless. Hip-hop has provided a platform for MCs and rappers to express their opinions about society, the government and the oppression of blacks in America.

Then there’s the dark side of hip-hop. The side that promotes gang violence, drugs and murder.

The firearm homicide rate amongst black men remains consternating. In 2012, according to Brookings and CDC Injury and Prevention & Control Database, the firearm homicide rate of black men from ages 20-29 was about 89. per 100,000. To help you understand that stat, in Honduras, the country with the highest recorded homicide rate in 2012, there were 90.4 intentional murders per 100,000 people. That includes all means, not just firearms.

If this fight was to really take place, it would spread like a wildfire. I think it would have a trickle-down effect so potent in the black community. Regardless of the outcome of the fight, it would show that two black celebrities who have enough money and nothing to prove actually put their celebrity status aside and stood toe- to-toe like men for a greater cause. There aren’t any negatives that could result from this bout. The influence this would have on young black man across the nation would be tremendous.