Let’s put an end to all the fighting

David Haut

David Haut

David Haut

Wow. When I was offered the position of Public Forum Editor in the fall, I had no idea I was going to be the moderator for an all out verbal judo. What has caused all of the fuss? An editor’s column about abortion. Thanks, Phil.

In case you haven’t been reading this page lately (you should read it, it’s a good page), there have been some strong feelings being thrown around on the topic of abortion.

I think it’s great that people on this campus are reading the stuff we work so hard to put out, and responding to it, but, a line does need to be drawn between personal opinion and personal vendetta. I enjoy reading the responses our student body wants to contribute and am thoroughly pleased at what you’ve offered this semester. I encourage all to keep writing.

I do, however, hope the abortion issue can come to a close at some point in this semester. It’s an issue that will never be fully resolved, so let’s leave it at that. I don’t know how many minds we’re going to change by calling each other “a-hole” at the bottom of page four.

I’m not trying to be critical, point any fingers, name any names or imply that these things are currently going on. Let’s not take it too far; this is why we have Internet chatrooms, to bash people.

I’m not trying to discourage letters to the editor, but promote diversity in them. Does anyone have anything to say about our new vice president?

How about feelings on the proposed rec center? We always love to hear what you have to say about the Lions Den, and we didn’t get a single letter about Jerry Manter’s tantalizing column on beef jerky. People are always complaining about something on our campus, so here’s your chance to say something.

To everyone who did send a letter, I send a personal thank you. Personally, I’m happy you’ve not only taken the time to read our paper, but also respond to it. It shows us that all the work we do is worth it, in one way or another.

Will the abortion debate ever end? No. People will always feel strongly about it, one way or another. We really appreciate all the letters you’ve sent, and encourage you to write us in the future. Any issue you would like to comment on or have your voice be heard, please bring it by The Chart office or e-mail it to The Chart (the e-mail is on the front page). All we ask, please be nice to people.

Thanks for reading. Please enjoy the rest of Public Forum, and feel free to write a letter to the editor.