Thank you

Mac Kenney

The universe is a web of interconnectivity in which all things influence all other things. Our works are an expression of this interconnectivity. Among this interconnectivity I would like to recognize some immediate influences of this project.

Above all, I would like to thank the McCalebs for creating The McCaleb Initiative for Peace. Also, Ellen Broglio provided us the opportunity to work with the Henry Martyn Institute. The time and input of Dr. Wells, Dr. Kumbier, Dr. Brown and Dr. Kluthe was invaluable to this project.

In Hyderabad, Dr. Prasad and Dr. Aloka Parasher-Sen provided creative outlets for the ideas found in these pages. Dr. Geraldine Forbes provided me with a wealth of ideas at a time when direction was badly needed. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their safe-haven of intellectual stimulus. Finally, thanks is due to Dr. Stebbins, the Institute of International Studies and The Chart for their hard work.