Exploding gas prices hurt

Exploding gas prices hurt

Todd Petillo

Exploding gas prices hurt

With a commuter-based campus and student pockets empty as they are, we stop and gock at the rising gas prices.

Already, the price of gas has hit $1.80 in many states. This is an outrage to the drivers of the land. Our gas-guzzling “economic” cars don’t help much either. Who cares if someone can get 60-miles to the gallon if gas still costs around $35 to fill up the largest of tanks.

Gas prices are also expected to rise until June, which is when most people travel. Whether it is vacation time, wars or little men on the moon, the price of gas does not have to be this high. Earlier, we have seen measures taken to decrease the price of gas, but lately we have not.

Perhaps it is the sudden, unexpected increase, but it is still a burden that should be dealt with. Even in a society of free enterprise, the cost of gas can have impacts on many facets of society.

The postal system and trucking services are not as affected; their vehicles run on diesel fuel. However, for the rest of us, we’re stuck with gas prices that are rising faster than Tiger Woods’ golf scores.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt either that many students at Missouri Southern drive their gas-munchers to get here.

Students may be stuck with a heavy gas bill, but measures such as carpooling can be effective means of lowering bills.

Also, for those close by, bicycling and walking are not only good exercise, but also money-saving diversions. Why can’t there be any action taken? We’ve seen it before. Where is it now?