Board discusses mixed reviews about Patch Adams’ lecture

David Haut

Comments and criticisms flew like birds through the student activities office April 21.

Missouri Southern’s Campus Activities Board reconvened for another meeting as the semester draws to a close. Julie Blackford, director of student activities, was curious about student feelings on guest lecturer Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams. More than 1,100 people attended the event, although some left during the lecture. Although Blackford heard mixed reviews, she still had the same opinion.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” Blackford said.

Plans were discussed for future events, both upcoming and in the fall. Spring Fling events will include an outdoor movie. Proposed nights are Tuesday and April 30. The movies planned are The Blue Collar Comedy Tour and School of Rock.

Other Spring Fling events planned for next week are a skate night at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, and a photo scavenger hunt on Tuesday. Teams interested in the photo scavenger hunt can sign up anytime in the student activities office, or just stop by on Tuesday to pick up a camera. Prizes include gift certificate packages to area restaurants, movie tickets and a movie snack package.

“We plan to have about 15 people show up,” said Derick White, senior special education major. “If we get 50, that’s OK, too.”

Blackford also brought up plans for next year’s meetings. She plans to try a new format for the board’s meetings, alternating times each week. Every other week, meetings will take place later in the day, the purpose being to involve more non-traditional students and members of Student Senate. No final decision has been made.

Other ideas for Homecoming week include “Southern Idol,” a spoof of hit television reality show “American Idol.” A karaoke night was also suggested.

Anyone interested in CAB are invited to attend the weekly meetings at 2 p.m. every Wednesday in the student activities office on the second floor of the Billingsly Student Center.