Children shouldn’t be in class

Chart Opinion

Though sometimes college students act like 5-year-olds, bringing a 5-year-old into a classroom is not acceptable.

Small children are not well-behaved. They interrupt classes, cause trouble and bring terror to the eyes of the students who are not their parents.

Parents should think twice before bringing a child who is not old enough to know better into a classroom setting.

It’s not always easy to find a baby sitter or to even pay for one, but there are alternatives available for parents. The problem seems to be that parents often overlook the simple task of looking into these alternatives. Family, friends, care groups and sometimes child activity groups, such as at the YMCA, are often free and safe places to send children while in class.

The parents aren’t the only ones to blame, either. Students should not encourage kids to be disruptive. They should set examples to say the least. The last thing anyone wants is more than one “brat” in a class. (Brat referring to the supposedly grown-up students.)

A reminder should be stated that the children are really not the problem. It’s the noise, disruption and interference they bring on themselves by simply being there that is the problem.

The University has a daycare program and there is a playground area for smaller children. Student parents, and even faculty members who wish to bring their children, should look into options such as this.

Everyone can be happy, but compromises must be made.