Grill cook tops off food with smiles

Jim Alderman, Lion´s den grill cook, prepares the day´s first meals.

Jim Alderman, Lion´s den grill cook, prepares the day´s first meals.

Kathleen Cunningham

Serving up food and a good attitude, Jim Alderman has received many compliments from students and his boss.

He is the grill cook at the Lion’s Den.

Alderman is friendly toward the students and often knows the students by name.

Brandy Mikesell, an employee at the Lion’s Den, is his niece.

Alderman has been working at the Lion’s Den for just over a year.

His career as a cook is longer than that.

“I have been cooking for about 18 years,” he said.

One might ask what his favorite dishes to cook are.

“I like cooking soups and sauces, but they are all ready prepared here,” Alderman said.

There are several things he enjoys about working at Missouri Southern.

“I like the people the best,” Alderman said.

“The students are really, really nice here, and [I like] the early hours.”

And Alderman has no complaints about his job at Southern.

“I don’t know what I like least about the job,” he said. “Nothing really.”

He worked at many restaurants before coming to Southern.

Another thing he likes about the job is the days off.

“I like having my weekends off; one of my main reasons for working here.”

Students like not only his cooking but also say that he’s a nice guy.

“Jim is a nice old fellow and seems to enjoy what he does,” said Colin Bado, freshman undecided major said.

“The cooking is good, better than at the dorms. I’d rather spend money here then eat off my meal plan.”

Another student agreed.

“Yeah he’s a nice guy,” said Nick Patrick, freshman undecided major.

“The food is pretty good; better than the cafeteria at the dorms.”

Others agree with this outlook on Alderman’s work habits.

“Jim does a wonderful job and is a wonderful employee,” said Alicia Geers, retail catering manager.

“The students are very pleased with his cooking. [He’s] definitely friendly and knows some of their names and orders.”