Recycling benefits everyone

Chart Opinion

When people complain about Missouri Southern, how often do they complain about recycling? How often do students pay attention? Sure, sometimes students put their cans and paper in their respective containers, but is that really all that can be done?

Recycling isn’t that hard. It’s throwing our stuff in an extra container after lunch; putting our bottles in the recycling bin in the hall instead of in the trash by the classroom door. It’s not leaving our papers on the benches of the halls; unless you like people knowing you made a “C” on your biology exam.

The University could help by offering more recycling resources for students to dispose of their recyclables. Some containers are scattered throughout the campus, but students need more than just a place to put their plastic bottles.

Students living on campus need more outlets, too. Several students are unaware of where the recycling bins are located, and due to this, rarely use them.

The Student Life Center lacks recycling bins altogether, at least in obvious locations. This needs to change.

Really, there isn’t much to it. We can all do a little better.

The world holds six billion people, and our campus of 4,000 can lead the way for the future. Students should think about recycling an item before they throw it away.

Future generations will not want to look at a empty coffee cup rolling haplessly into a pool of garbage. Why would anyone today want to see that either?

The point is, recycling will not only help the Earth’s condition, but its appearance as well.