Our Opinion: Lion Co-op needed for MSSU family

Chart Staff Editorial

The new Lion Co-op task force is creating a pantry-like experience for students, faculty and staff who are suffering with food insecurities.

Anyone is able to donate, but only those who are students, faculty and staff are able to receive items from the co-op.

It’s called a co-op because it’s meant to get rid of the bad image of what people perceive a pantry to be.

It is a also a way for those to donate, as well as, receive items.

This is a great way to help those who may be suffering with acute or chronic food securities, whether it’s a student who has a limited food plan, or someone who has a little bit of trouble putting food on the table for their family.

Either way, these people are in need and the co-op can really help many people.

People suffer from food insecurities every year, and it could happen to anyone. It is important to donate, as well.

For anyone suffering with a food insecurity, anything helps them, whether that’s time, money or some pantry items.

We believe donating helps as well, and one can donate anything from hygiene products to food to money to actual physical time.

All of these things help those who are in need. Just a small amount of time, money, or items can help a few people.

Since the Lion Co-op is based on campus, it will reach more students, faculty,and staff than other pantry-like programs. It is especially targeted for those students who aren’t able to drive anywhere.

Students living on or near campus may be suffering from food insecurities, when they normally wouldn’t in life, just because there isn’t anywhere close to shop for groceries.

This can create a bad taste for some students, and this co-op could make them succeed, where they normally wouldn’t. 

Overall, this program will help many people in their lives and donating is a great way to provide for those who need it. It is important for humanity, as a whole, to help each other succeed in life.