University needs rec center

Chart Opinion

With a goal of reaching 10,000 students enrolled, Missouri Southern needs a facility such as the proposed student recreation center.

When prospective students visit the campus, they want to see something that will catch their attention and make them want to come here. Many of these students are interested in the availability of workout facilities, weight rooms and recreational facilities. All of these would be available in one building if this rec center were built.

Thankfully, the Board of Governors has accepted a resolution passed by the Student Senate and has begun looking into feasible options for a rec center at Southern.

One of the primary concerns for the administration is the cost to students. Because Southern has the lowest price for tuition in the state and the lowest fees, the administration would like to keep them that low.

While low cost is attractive to prospective students, it alone will not bring more students to the University. The campus would definitely benefit from an attractive rec center with up-to-date and readily-available equipment.

Although Leggett & Platt Athletic Center is open to all students at certain times, those times do not coincide with many students schedules. Also, Leggett & Platt is not conveniently located for residence hall students. Many commuter students do not realize the Student Life Center’s weights exist or that they are available for all students to use.

A centrally located rec center would benefit all Southern students, as well as the faculty, staff and the community.