Funds should be re-allocated

Chart Opinion

Student Senate wants to spend $1,000 to help fund a disc golf course behind the residence halls. Who will use a course all the way over there?

With our campus consisting primarily of commuter students, would they really use it?

Sure, students in the residence halls might, but that’s only a fourth of our students.

Another question: when would this facility be used? Half of our school year has cold or rainy weather. Out-of-state students wouldn’t get to use the course much, locals will during our warmer months.

The $1,000 for this project could be put to a better use, such as the “lack of funds” in the Student Senate, or the out-of-date computer equipment around campus, or they could give the money to one of our may student organizations who have a budget less that $100.

If the Student Senate would save money, they would be able to fund larger recreational projects. They could put the money and time toward what students want and need.

Thirty minutes each week isn’t enough time to discuss student needs.

Perhaps the money could go toward the proposed recreation center, which could be used by students much more than a disc golf course.

A rec center could also offer students jobs and activities that could take place after it gets dark.

Week after week, students and faculty complain about the lack of funds at Southern. Here is money that could go toward something more useful than a disc golf course.