Our Opinion: Putting out the ‘damn’ newspaper

Chart Staff Editorial

Newspapers often face trials and tribulations in the endeavors of journalism.

Typically, such dilemmas involve readers who are displeased by the paper’s contents.

On June 28, 2018, an angry gunman entered the office of The Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, and proceeded to open fire on the editorial staff.

On that day in June, Jarrod Ramos burst into the newsroom of The Gazette guns blazing.

Angry about the newspaper’s coverage of his criminal past, his behavior resulted in the death of five staff members.

Countless more were injured or impacted by his actions.

In a series of tweets, Capital Gazette reporter Chase Cook told followers his thoughts and the staff’s plans for the next day’s issue.

“I can tell you this: We are putting out a damn paper tomorrow.”

Even in the face of tragedy, the remaining Gazette journalists worked diligently from the parking garage next door to fulfill their promise and publish the paper.

Journalists around the world face untold dangers when bringing the news to readers.

In this case, the danger was not around the corner but inside the very walls the staff called home.

While this incident of terror is an extreme case, it shows the trials journalists experience while just doing their jobs.

It also shows the bravery that followed, as the editorial staff put service to the public, first, and their own feelings second, in order to honor their fallen colleagues.

Their actions showcased the unbridled devotion journalists often have for their readers and their respective communities.

We at The Chart are equally dedicated to the Missouri Southern community and the stories we strive to bring our readers in each issue and on our website.

Despite our struggles with various factors, we work on a continual basis to serve our public.

This semester is a growing season for The Chart staff. We aim to engage our readers on a new level, with stories that not only entertain, but also enlighten.

In doing so, we strive to dive into subjects to showcase student views, as well as those of faculty, staff and alumni.

Being the voice of Missouri Southern is a serious endeavor; one which our staff members do not take lightly.

In this role, we pledge to show the same level of devotion to our community, as shown by The Capital Gazette team.

So this week, and the weeks following, we will continue to put “out a damn paper.”