Student logins safer due to new change

Kathleen Cunningham

Recently there have been changes to the Blackboard login page as well as changes to the Lion Link login and password.

To see the changes, students must click on the Lion Link icon on the Missouri Southern website. There are two logins.

The basic login must be changed after logging onto Lion Link.

Students can also login using the Southern ID and password which are now used to log on to the proxy server, blackboard, student e-mail, all campus computers and Lion Link.

“At the request of the Student Senate, student logon was changed to the MOSO I.D., which is an identification that allows students to logon to everything,” said Steve Earney, assistant vice president of information services. “It protects against identity theft because you don’t use your social security number.”

He also said the protection continues for proxy server, student e-mail, blackboard, Lion Link and computers on campus.

Earney said the logon would be easier for students to remember as well.

“It makes it more user friendly for students and protects their privacy better,” he said.

Students had different reactions to the new login change.

Brandi Masterson, sophomore criminal justice major, said, “I knew about it because I have four Blackboard classes and it wouldn’t let me logon the first time. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I think it’s a good thing makes it easier.”

Others agreed with this sentiment.

“I was familiar with the old way and knew they were going to change it, but didn’t know when,” said Noah Anderson, junior graphic arts major. “About half the kids logged on the old way and half couldn’t logon. They all got on eventually, but I think they didn’t have everyone updated yet.”

Anderson did, however, agree with Earney on the privacy issue.

“It’s nice we only have one login; we don’t throw around our social security number so freely,” Anderson said.

Some students had no trouble logging on with the new login.

Miranda Bourgeois, junior biology major, said, “I like it because it makes it a whole lot easier. It didn’t trick me. I had no problems with it.”