‘Rabbit ears’ come to rescue

Chart Opinion

With the recent development involving CableOne, KODE and KSNF, many people are turning to satellite television.

However, this should not be the last resort.

Yes, the local channels are missing from the local cable television. This is not the end of the world.

It’s not too much to simply use a basic antenna to get our favorite local channels. Plus, with an antenna, a surprising amount of lower-power channels can fill the airwaves.

Some people might complain about having to flip a switch on the television set, but most televisions today have this ability to switch from cable, digital and analog at the flick of the remote.

If someone is truly upset about this whole incident, then that person should simply sit back, buy an antenna and be quiet.

Drop the cable. Drop the satellite.

The fight is dumb and it plays on the people.

Yes, satellite companies do provide local channels, but at a cost.

This option might be clearer than going with a simple analog antenna, but it can pry into the wallet.

With an antenna, it is simply one payment, and it is less complicated. But, it comes with slightly antiquated equipment.

Overall, people should remember one thing – the decision is theirs, not the cable and satellite companies.

If the people want to watch their local shows, they will find a way to do it, whether it is cheap or not.