Pay out draws for wrong reasons

Chart Opinion

Zimmer Radio Group’s Lion Pride Pay Out is still going on. While it is disappointing such a giveaway is needed to attract students to athletic events, it is nice the pay out has raised student attendance.

Another disappointing fact: in all the attempts made to give money away, only one student has won, and that was not until the beginning of basketball season.

Now the pot has risen once again; it is up to $1,500.

With that much money being given away it is surprising not to see practically every Southern student at the games.

Zimmer and the Campus Activities Board will be subjugated to collecting every students’ name who attends the final home basketball games on Feb. 26.

The good news is someone will win the money. But this raises a new question – will Zimmer fork out the money to do this every year? Will Missouri Southern need them to?

Students are showing up in large numbers to attend these games, but leave as soon as the winning name is announced. They all want the money.

Sadly, this makes our students look greedy and driven by money. They aren’t there to support a sports team, they are there for their own personal gain.

Can we step it up as a campus? There are still several other sports left for the season. Softball, baseball, tennis and golf are all sports that haven’t even started yet. As a University, can we step out and show support for our players and not for our bank accounts?