Senators prepare for Jefferson City trip, ask for student suggestions

Nate Billings

Beginning five minutes late and two senators more than a quorum, Student Senate opened its Feb. 2 meeting.

“Tonight we are really risking not having a meeting,” said Eric Ducommun, Senate president. “Think about others when you (senators) think about not coming.”

The budget at the beginning of the meeting was $17,000.

One allocation was made to the Russia Club to go to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center to see the Russian opera Eugene Onegin.

The club requested $460, but the finance committee recommended $110 to cover travel

expenses. After some discussion, a motion was made to allocate $160 for travel, gas and parking. The motion passed.

An item of concern during the meeting was the allocation of funds for tsunami relief.

On Friday, Senate will have a booth in the second floor of the Billingsly Student Center and on the bottom floor of Spiva Library.

Some debate was raised with the announcement of the International Red Cross’s current lack of need for funds. The organization sent a press release stating the need had been met for the time being and other organizations needed the money more. Senators decided to allow the Tsunami Relief Committee to research other organizations to help. A decision will be made during Wednesday’s meeting.

Senior senator Eric Norris announced during the meeting he and others would begin the installation of the disc-golf course on their own because maintenance currently did not have enough time to work on it.

Norris said he hopes to have the course ready within the next month should the weather permit.Another item of concern to Ducommun was the Senate suggestion box in the Lions’ Den near the condiments counter. Ducommun and Senate secretary Amber Hemphill would like to see more students use the box to help Senate know what the student body wants.

“If students have any questions or concerns, they are more than welcome to do it,” Ducommun said. “Use the suggestion box.”

Students are also welcome to attend any meeting. Each meeting is open to the public. If students wish to join, there are several openings.

All meetings are in the House of the Lords in the BSC. On Feb. 15 and 16, senators will visit Jefferson City for its annual capital trip.