Procedure causes delay in meeting

Nate Billings

A lack of senators and a 10-minute discussion about parliamentary procedures plagued Student Senate March 2.

“It came to be a surprise to me to have all this discussion over parliamentary procedures,” said Eric Ducommun, Senate president.

A total of 15 senators and three officers were at the meeting.

The meeting brought out two allocations as well. The first was to the National Broadcasting Society for a trip to Hollywood.

The society would send four members to California for networking and career-advice sessions.

Senate approved a $772 allocation for the trip.

Koinonia also came to vie for monetary funds for a missions trip to Mexico. Senators discussed the allocation and approved the recommended $750. This came under question.

Greg Salzer, junior senator and State Editor for The Chart, moved to allocate a full $1,000 after the first allocation.

The motion passed through the Senate there after.

Freshman senator Hector Amaya questioned the motion and the vote based on a basis that parliamentary procedure did not allow a member of the dissenting opinion to raise a motion to amend a set vote.

Other senators then brought up more questions concerning the rules of procedure, and Amaya motioned to suspend the rules to have the discussion.

The rules were suspended and a discussion commenced as to how the senators should go about the vote.

Amaya said the rules should be followed with a stricter coherence and senators should catch up on the basics.

“Really, in law making, there is no respect,” he said.

Amaya did, however, recognize the concerns of his fellow senators and tried to answer the questions.

“Usually, we keep enough to parliamentary procedure to run smoothly,” Ducommun said.

The senators motioned to go back to the rules and the allocation of $1,000 would stand.

Another allocation then came to the floor for the Freshman Orientation group, but due to a lack of information, the discussion was tabled for the week.

Also to come out of the meeting was an announcement on the progress of the disc-golf course.

Senior senator Eric Norris said the course had been started and the goals should be in place within the next few weeks.

Senators also discussed part of the Traffic and Appeals Committee, which asked for ideas concerning parking meters in lot number four.

Senate executive officer elections will be April 11 and 12. Petitions will be available March 28 and are due back at the Student Services office April 4.

Senate ended the meeting with $12,500.

Ducommun had only one thing to say at the end of one of the longest meetings of the semester thus far.

“Thank you for a very exciting meeting,” he said.