Have a happy, safe break

Chart Opinion

Spring break is once again upon us. This means sun, wind and freedom. Well, except for those wonderful workdays, this break is well needed.

Students have worked too long without a break, and sometimes this means a chance to go wild.

However, our parents are right. Things can happen, and it is necessary for students to think before they act. Sometimes students believe spring break is a time for experimentation and overzealous fun. This is a time away from school and education.

But again, caution should be taken. Drinking is legal for those older than 21 and that thought should remain in everyone’s head.

Many people know of some tragic spring break accident. This year, students should strive to prevent these.

Heavy partying, drinking, boozing or whatever is only made worse when no one makes plans ahead of time.

There’s something to be said for quiet, restful times with friends and family.

In fact, that is the true nature of spring break – to spend time with those who are special and worthwhile friends.

Good, old-fashion fun is just as fun today as it used to be.

Picnics, Frisbees, baseball games, family reunions and any non-alcoholic get-together can be an alternative to dangerous fun and its horrible consequences.

During this spring break, students should take time out and reflect on the semester without worrying about what they should do. They should simply take things as they come and work with the time they have.

Read a book, whatever.

Keep it safe.