Campus Activities Board still accepting talent show entries

David Haut

Members of Missouri Southern’s Campus Activities Board used their time this week to say farewell to member Carla Fairbanks.

Fairbanks took a job as a park naturalist in Independence, Mo.

“She has been an intricate part of CAB for seven years,” said Melanie Epperson, secretary for the Student Activities office.

CAB is still accepting entries for the upcoming talent show.

The talent show will be held the evening of March 16.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the first four places in two categories: group and individual. First place in both categories is $200.

The talent show is just part of Spring Break Blitz. Every year, CAB hosts a week of events before for spring break.

With burger day and Chris Strait behind them, members of CAB are focusing on Spring Break Blitz.

“I hope we can give everybody a good couple of days going into spring break,” said Scott Parker, junior elementary education major.

March 14 will be a sidewalk chalk contest.

March 15, CAB is planning a lunch and learn meeting titled “Dreams 101.” A specialist in the area of dreams is planning to talk about common dreams and will interpret the dreams of students. The event is free to students, but an RSVP is preferred. Students may contact the Student Activities office if they are planning to attend.

CAB also wants to have another movie night on March 15.

Epperson said students were very receptive to one they held last month.

Students were given a free ticket to Hollywood Theaters just for showing their student ID. The passes were valid for a specific night.

The event has not yet been officially scheduled.

At 8 p.m. on March 17, CAB is hosting a SPIKE night, with ping-pong, volleyball, free food and T-shirts. The improvisational group Comedy Sports will be performing as well.

This year, CAB is trying something different with their T-shirt giveaway. To get a T-shirt, students will have to go to three events throughout the week, or simply three events at SPIKE night. A punch card will be available to students to prove they attended the event.

Students with ideas or interest in CAB are invited to attend the weekly meetings at 2 p.m. Wednesdays in the Student Activities office in the second floor of the Billingsly Student Center.