Parking idea needs work

Chart Opinion

The proposed idea of parking meters on campus may not be a bad idea, but the idea needs work.

The concept of eliminating faculty parking spots for metered parking for students is a good one. As students, it is inconvenient to park by the soccer fields just to run to the library for a few minutes.

Meters would provide a convenient and cheap alternative for students who are short on time, plus prevents students from receiving parking tickets in places they normally would.

It will also earn the University a little extra money. The downside of the idea is it may be taken out of hand. The idea could work too well, meaning parking meters could spread beyond the proposed location behind Hearnes Hall and Spiva Library, to parking lots around campus.

Students already pay a parking fee of $15. If the concept of meters spreads into the common lots students use while attending classes, they may end up having to pay twice to get a good parking spot.

One alternative is students could just suck it up and walk. Universities across the nation and around the world don’t offer parking lots in the proximity students do.

Perhaps another question to ask is, “Will parking meters really be convenient?”

This is just an offering of closer parking spots for students. Will these spots frequently be empty for students to make quick trips in and out of the library?

The concept of having meters may be a good one, but for now, the proposed idea needs to be tweaked.