Campus counselors offer gambling help

Kathleen Cunningham

Staff members of the Student Support Center rarely meet students with gambling problems.

“There is no support group on campus for problem gambling,” said Julie Blackford, director of student activities. “But, if students have a problem, they can go to the Student Support Center.”

Blackford said she has not seen any students come to the Student Support Center with a gambling problem.

“We don’t see it a lot, but that doesn’t mean it’s not out there,” she said. “It’s one of those problems that is concealed. It’s in isolation like Internet gambling. People are private about their finances, so it’s not easily seen.”

Blackford said she thinks there may be students with gambling problems, but they are not willing to admit a problem.

“They don’t realize they have a problem until their bank account is drained, and they are in serious debt,” she said.

A few students make visits to the casinos, but several students do not seem to see this as a problem.

“I don’t know of a problem on campus,” said Trisha Massey, junior biology major. “In some of my classes, during a social conversation, some students mentioned going to the new Buffalo Run Casino.”

Others have not seen a problem either.

“I don’t know of anyone who had a problem with gambling on campus,” said B.J. Russow, sophomore general business major.

This sentiment continued in other students.

“I don’t know of anyone who had a problem with gambling,” said Abby Adams, freshman undecided major. “I know of some people who go to the casinos, but they don’t have a problem with it.”

Another student said gambling was more prevalent elsewhere.

“[The problem is seen] not down here on campus, but some friends back home in Kansas City would go to the casinos three times a week and had a problem with hitting up the ATMs while at the casinos,” said Chris Cathrom, junior physical education major.

Even if there is not a problem with gambling on campus, students should be aware there is help and counseling available to those who do have a problem.

For more information or an appointment, stop by the Student Support Center in the bottom floor of Hearnes Hall or call