Keep it clean for Earth Day

Chart Opinion

Clean air, streams and fields are something to be appreciated by all.

Earth Day is a celebration of those things we often take for granted.

During the early 1990s, there was an effort to make children aware of recycling, cleaning and taking care of the earth in general.

Thanks to these efforts, we see cleaner roads than before, and one can smell more in the air than grease-filled fumes.

Students at Missouri Southern should think about this as they celebrate Earth Day and then later toss a wrapper or cigarette butt on the sidewalk.

Study after study could tell a person the earth will eventually die from this or that, but most don’t seem to listen.

There is one argument,

however, which should persuade many to think twice about littering – it’s just plain stupid.

As long as everyone lives on this earth, everyone should try to keep it as clean as we possibly can. It is our responsibility.

Be respectful of sharing this land with others and please mind the recycling bins.

The clichés are correct when it comes to a student’s share of the work.

Everyone is part of the same system; everyone just needs to keep it pretty.

The only thing which could account for not cleaning up the earth is apathy and laziness, but who would admit to that?

All excuses put aside, throwing trash out on the street is just impolite to others and causes more problems than one thinks

Do your part.

Know what Earth Day means.