All need to offer aid to victims

All need to offer aid to victims


All need to offer aid to victims

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There is something about natural disasters that tends to bring the best out of people. Unfortunately, it is sad it takes seeing others suffering to bring everyone together.

Hurricane Katrina is said to be one of the worst disasters in the nation’s history. Thousands have lost not only their homes, but their loved ones and are now at the mercy of others’ help.

While students at Southern go about their daily routine, going to class, athletic events or just hanging out with friends, there may be students somewhere else wondering how they are going to help their families rebuild their lives and move on.

What may be worse than the disaster itself is the people who sit and do nothing as if it does not affect them.

Many groups on campus have stepped up to the plate and have started a relief effort to help victims of Katrina.

The History Club, Campus Activities Board and the athletic department have begun to set up drop boxes for those wishing to donate to the cause.

The efforts put forth by these groups is the epitome of what coming together truly is.

If people can afford to walk around campus sporting expensive shoes, outfits and purchase other materialistic sources of entertainment, they can certainly give a dollar or two to help fellow Americans.

One’s attitude toward the relief efforts can say a lot about who he or she really is.

The recent tragedy in New Orleans should be a time for

students at Southern to reflect on what they have and what can be taken away at any given second.