Faculty ‘thrilled to death’ about sudden increase

Scott Hasty

In a matter of a few months, the music department has doubled in size, making for an “unprecedented” new sound coming from the department.

“I’m thrilled to death about this sudden increase in the interest in department by the students,” said Bud Clark, head of the music department. “All areas of the [music] department are benefiting from the boost [of students].”

Clark said the many benefits include a better sound for the many groups within the department.

“With these bigger numbers, [the audience] can hear what they never could or that which they had a hard time hearing before,” Clark said. “The marching band alone almost quadrupled in size, going from 45 members last year, to over 100 this year. In order to be able to hear low brass instruments, you need to have many of them, and boy is that what the band got.”

Clark said the choir has been able to break into eight sections instead of the normal four due to the increased number of students.

Others have also heard the change in the department.

“The quality of music has gone way up,” said Debra Miles, instructor of music.

The unforeseen increase in size has the department working on the class schedules.

“All the music department faculty was and are carrying a heavy load,” Clark said. “Although it was a hassle and challenge to get everyone settled, it was a good problem to have.”

The students must also get used to the change in department size.

“I can only describe it as Mr. Raymond can,” said Anna Johnson, senior music major. “And that is, ‘it’s great to be a part of a big band, but better to be a part of a big, great sounding band.'”

Others like the change in size as well.

“I’m liking what I see,” said Josiah Prieto, sophomore music major. “The whole department is growing, not only in size, but in the quality of the music.”

Miles said she is optimistic about the department.

“We predict nothing but good music in store for not only the department to enjoy, but also for the community as well,” Miles said. “The sky’s the limit to see how much fun the department can have.”