Food remains questionable

Food remains questionable

Dwayne Mactavious

Food remains questionable

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Cafeteria food has never been cast in the best light. Southern made an attempt to change this by bringing in not only a new food director, but new food options.

There have been mixed reviews. Some students enjoy it while others think otherwise. What is it about cafeteria foods that leave a bad taste in students mouths or feelings in their gut?

Whatever the case, what is even worse than students labeling the food “gross” is students not taking a stand. If the food is included in one’s room and board, in other words that person paid for it, why not voice one’s opinion to the necessary authority to make things right, rather than remain miserable.

If one thing does not suit a students taste, the person should try something different. Sometimes it is not even the food. Some students sit in the cafeteria stuffing themselves to gluttony and dealing with the repercussions later.

Students also have the option of eating in the Lion’s Den where there are different varieties other than the dining hall, or better yet, attend a food service meeting.

No one has to suffer if people would only break the silence. There is a new food director who is more than willing and open to discussing ideas with the students than the campus has seen in the past

The problem is one must take the initiative and let someone know of their dislikes and concerns.

There are not many who will take this stand and when that continues to go on, it will just perpetuate the debate.