BSU continues aiding victims, donates blood

Scott Hasty

In conjunction with the American Red Cross, the Missouri Southern Baptist Student Union is holding a Blood Drive on Oct, 7. The drive will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“The idea is to get blood to those who need it,” said Jon Smith, director of the BSU. “As Christians, we realize that we need to help people out spiritually. But, we also realize, in order to do that people have some physical needs that must be taken care of. Sending clothes and food are all great things to give to hurricane victims, but for those who do not have those items to give, we can give blood, which is something we all have.”

The students wanted to do more as well.

“We want MSSU students to know that there is way for them to help,” said Noelle Ott, junior elementary education major. “We also want to show that students of MSSU can help hurricane victims through giving one of the rarest and most needed tools for saving lives – blood.”

Smith said the BSU was planning on doing the blood drive even if the recent Hurricanes Katrina and Rita did not hit the Gulf of Mexico.

“We’re here to help all those need help,” Smith said. “Even if the hurricanes hadn’t hit, we’d still have done this drive. Something we did add on to the Blood Drive, though, is we are accepting cash donations for those affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.”

Smith said there was a plan in the works for a mission trip headed by the BSU, where a number of Southern students will go down and aid Katrina victims.

“The date isn’t set in stone yet,” Smith said. “Right now we have a list of forty students wanting to help. Come the actual time of the mission trip the actual number may be closer to ten students, due to scheduling the trip around other [obligations].”

The BSU encourages not only students, but also the community to donate blood and money to the Blood Drive. Smith said every bit helps. The BSU is located at 1124 N. Duquesne Rd. The drive requires students to bring photo ID to the event.

“The need will always be there, even long after the media has covered it as their major story,” Ott said.

“If Jesus Christ gave his blood for the good of mankind, we can do the same with our blood for those in need of our help,” Smith said.