CAB ammends Bingo to make rules more fair

Auriel Brown

The discussions during the Oct. 19 officers Campus Activities Board meeting ranged from upcoming events to CAB’s position on assistance to other campus groups.

Preparations for the movie night and the spook light event kicked off the meeting.

Candace Dickinson, CAB president came up with the idea of entertaining the students prior to the Oct. 20 showing of Amityville Horror.

“We could start to do something like a mini game show before the movie and give away prizes,” Dickenson said.

Dickenson suggested prizes such as pillows and blankets.

Terry Levy, CAB treasurer, suggested taking trips to haunted houses around the area including Kansas City.

Another discussion which took place involved the regulations of the bingo games in the Billingsly Student Center. Limits to how many times a person can win will be set in place.

A problem with the game has included people winning by using more than one playing card at a time.

“What happens with that is people take one card, but if someone leaves during the middle, they don’t bring their card back up,” said Graham Dickinson, CAB vice-president.

Carolyn White, CAB public relations officer, said getting gift certificates from various restaurants, or even Target, may increase participation.

The group said they anticipate an even bigger turnout than previous movie nights because one major issue brought up at the meeting was the request of finances from other organizations.

Candice said a problem with groups requesting financial help is the members will show interest in CAB until their needs are met then no longer come to meetings.

She said the purpose of CAB is not to just give out money.

“I’m afraid if we start handing money to clubs, we’re going to get club rush, having them ask us for money instead of Senate,” Candice said.

“We help out, we co-sponsor, that’s what we do,” Levy said.

The organization also planned further ahead.

For next semester events a Master of Ceremony has been selected for the spring talent show.

Comedian Damon Williams will be coming to Taylor Auditorium.

“He’s hilarious,” Levy said. “He’s very diverse.”

Candice also suggested changes for each CAB meeting in order to avoid repetitiveness and to be more productive.

“I really want us to reflect on CAB events, figure out what we can do better,” she said.

The next upcoming activity for CAB is the Safe Halloween trick or treat event for children Oct. 31, in McCormick Hall.