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Jessica MacIntosh - Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh – Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh

Everyone has had their childhood memories of their favorite food, television show, movie or song. There are also those toys we used to play with.

These favorite toys that brought us so much joy as children came and went, but because of popular demand, toy companies have introduced them back into our wonderful culture for our children to enjoy.

But, some of these memorable toys have changed so much we cannot even recognize them anymore.

For instance, one of my favorite toys to play with was Polly Pocket.

This fun, little plastic doll was so small if you ever lost one, good luck trying to find it.

Literally, this thing is close to a centimeter in height, and she came with every type of play set known to man.

I even had the six bedrooms and two bathroom-home with working garage and Polly Pocket-sized car.

It also had horse and carriage.

You could have her work at a zoo or be the vet at an animal hospital; either way, I had so much fun playing with the tiniest toy in the world.

Unfortunately, Polly disappeared for a long time, and I stopped collecting the play sets.

Then, all of a sudden, she reappeared, but in a new form.

This new form makes me sick. You would never believe what Mattel, the makers of Polly Pocket and the ever-popular princess of pink Barbie, did to the poor, innocent toy. That centimeter-long figure must have hit puberty.

And we’re not just talking a small growth spurt either; it’s major.

Along with that growth spurt, Mattel gave her a Christmas present – a boob job. Jessica Simpson, move over; there is a new hottie in town. Just what we need – a more mature Polly for young children to play with.

Also, you would not believe what I think those evil doll-makers did – Polly is using steroids.

That can be the only real explanation. It’s bad enough Mattel made a Barbie who is pregnant, but putting Polly Pocket on steroids doesn’t teach people, especially children, anything.

Another tidbit of information about Polly is she is no longer made of plastic with painted-on clothing.

Now she is made of some kind of rubber and comes with tiny outfits for children to put on her.

Great, it’s official – learning to dress the semi-tiniest doll in the entire world. What’s worse is the clothing is Britney-like. There is one outfit she has that basically looks like she is wearing lingerie.

It’s great Mattel is teaching children how to dress themselves, though I think it’s not the right course of action for them to be teaching children how to dress like Britney.

Polly was enjoyable back in the early years when you did have fun looking all over the house for the itsy, bitsy doll.

Now, she’s as big as the Oscar statue with a little extra weight in the front.