Editor hopes for solution in midst of foreign riots

Jessica MacIntosh - Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh – Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh

In recent events that have happened in the news, one that has sparked discussion is the riots taking place in Paris.

The rioting began on Oct. 27 after two teenagers of North African descent were accidentally electrocuted in a power station. The two teenagers hid there, believing police were chasing them.

As I am writing this, it is day 13 of the rioting, and according to CNN.com, the French Cabinet approved emergency measures on Nov. 8, which would give the police more powers like allowing them to complete raids for anyone suspected of stockpiling weapons. This would also allow local officials to impose curfews in those communities that are under the risk of rioting.

Violators would face two months in jail if caught by the police.

Rioters are burning vehicles and attacking shops, schools and police stations. On Nov. 7, there were reports of the first casualties.

For this event, I believe it took some time before the news actually reached the United States. I did not hear about it until possibly the third or fourth day; moreover, as soon as the news stations starting reporting more and more on the issue, I thought they were not reporting all of the facts. Each news station had the same information, but I began to believe the reporters were distorting the information.

In reporting international news in the United States, we are not receiving all of the important facts necessary to understand what is going on in the world.

Secondly, I believe the Americans are not really paying attention to international affairs. If we all understood what was going on in the world outside of the United States, we would not have a reason to say, “I don’t know that happened,” or “I don’t care.” We would then have a true appreciation for international affairs.

I also believe with the recent events taking place in France, what are the chances of it happening here in the United States?

I know the probability of riots happening in the states is slim, but it’s still there. France has as much of a diverse civilization as the United States.

We, as citizens, always fight for what we believe in, but do we have to take our fighting to the next level?

I think it will not solve anything by rioting and causing further damage. Paris is trying to preserve its history; however, the rioters are destroying that by damaging their own cities and towns.

How long will it be before President Jacques Chirac begins to ask other countries for help? How long before the riots get too out of hand to the point the French government cannot fix the problems in the cities?

Lastly, how long before the French government announces the stoppage of traveling to the country?

I hope the government finds solutions to the riots, and the city can become safe once more for its citizens and any travelers who decide to travel to the City of Lights.