Government Shutdown Commentary

A government shutdown can be scary. It is important for us as U.S. citizens to look at how our government runs and decide whether things are running the way we want or not.

There are two basic positions regarding the shutdown. One side, being the President, refuses to allow the government to function until he receives funding for the wall on the southern border. The opposition says not only do they not want the wall, but they, too, are willing to shut the government down to oppose it.

The Democrats and a few Republicans are the main driving force against a wall on the southern border.

Their opinion is that illegal immigration isn’t as dire as the Republican or Trumpian base claims and that funding of the wall isn’t even going to be an effective deterrent.

The Trumpians and Republicans believe not only is the wall necessary for national security, but it would be effective in ceasing illegal immigration.

Libertarians in the nation rejoice except for the fact the government is still largely functional, despite it being shut down.

So, the question is how does this affect us, the everyday citizens? What does this mean for government employees who aren’t being paid? Who in the government is getting paid? Would a wall even work, and should we build it? These are all valid questions.

The answer for the first of these is the government shutdown doesn’t largely affect the normal citizen.

In fact, some readers may not even be aware the government has been shut down for quite some time.

A short-term shutdown is no cause for panic. However, if the situation continues, there could be major consequences for school systems and families of those who rely on government paychecks.

As far as pay goes for government employees, worry not. While this may put a strain on their families, the current administration has promised back-pay for those employees.

However, you may note that our members of Congress are still receiving their rather handsome paychecks.

Regarding a question as to whether a wall would work or not, I think it’s important to remember no defense is impregnable. The debate as to whether we should have a wall is largely up for debate. While it would likely cut down on illegal immigration, there is a strong case to be made that the tax payers who don’t want the wall shouldn’t have to pay for it.

At the end of the day it is up to each individual American to decide what the right course of action is.

Maybe a better question is why either side of the political aisle has the power to shut down the government.

Could it be time to look at the system and ask why the members of Congress get paid when our service members don’t?

The idea of a shutdown is not unique to the Trump administration. Perhaps the system is just as corrupt as the people who work in it.