Post-Dispatch publishes memory

Members from both Cardinals organizations sign autrographs for fans.

Kristin Wilfing

Members from both Cardinals organizations sign autrographs for fans.

Jessica MacIntosh

One Busch Stadium memory is now part of a published book.

“I was surprised,” said Judy Stiles, general manager of KGCS-LP.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a book called Busch Stadium Moments where fans and players would have their memories printed about the old Busch Stadium.

Stiles said last summer she was on the newspaper’s Web site.

“They invited people to write in your little memories in Busch Stadium,” she said.

Since Stiles grew up in St. Louis, she had been to Busch Stadium a few times, so she wrote an entry. She wrote about one day her family took her for picture day.

“Everybody lined the field to take pictures,” she said. “It was a real hot day, and I ended up passing out on the field. So, they dragged me off to the first aid room.”

After she wrote in, she said she didn’t think about it.

“There was no notification they were going to use it,” Stiles said.

Stiles said she received the book for Christmas, and when she was flipping through it, she noticed her quote.

“It’s really neat to have my own personal memories now shared with other fans,” she said.

She said the book about Busch Stadium is neat.

“This is a history book about the history of that stadium,” Stiles said.

St. Louis has had memories for Stiles.

She said she attended the last post-season game for the Cardinals.

“I was there for the last game ever in Busch,” Stiles said.

She said she is excited to see the new Busch Stadium.