All should honor MLK Day

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Dwayne Mactavious

Media Credit

Chart Staff

Over the years there have been complaints on the campus of Missouri Southern about having the day off for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

For some, the complaint has come as a result of truly wanting the day to honor his memory as with any other national holiday. For others, the complaint is simply to have the day off.

While the theme for the occasion has been “Remember! Celebrate! Act! a day on … not a day off,” many have chosen not to do so.

Students complain about having to go to class, but then choose to go to class over attending events created to honor and pay tribute to King.

A breakfast, luncheon and keynote speaker are provided every year to give students a chance to learn more about and pay tribute to King’s efforts to change race relations in this country. Attending any one of these events is always encouraged.

However, many students and some faculty, choose to look the other way.

It looks as though the campus celebrates diversity on an international level, but falls short on a local level. Has everyone forgotten about their history and why many students are able to learn and attend classes with one another?

Students will rush to fall and spring picnics and skip classes to stand out in the heat or cold to listen to an evangelist yell at them about their sins, but will not take the time out to honor the man who is largely responsible for students being able to engage in these activities together.

If the campus has this attitude toward honoring King, does it have this same attitude toward completing his dream?