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Jessica MacIntosh - Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh – Editor-in-Chief

Jessica MacIntosh

Over the weekend, everyone had his or her designated Super Bowl events to go to.

Some rooted for the Seattle Seahawks and some were rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I, personally, thought the Seahawks should have won.

Despite the lacking in interest halftime show with a bouncy Rolling Stones performance, the highlight of the entire evening was the Super Bowl commercials.

Though they were few this year, there were some that were funny, some that were weird and some that made you say, “What the heck were they thinking?”

I only thought seven of the commercials deemed themselves worthy of earning the right to be funny.

For instance, two of the Bud Light commercials-the secret revolving door to hide the refrigerator and rooftop escape to avoid the women-were funny.

The FedEx commercial involving the cavemen, the man throwing his phone in the Sprint commercial and the CareerBuilder.com ad with the monkeys and the donkeys all made the list of hilarious commercials.

Most of all, it was a pleasure to see Richard Dean Anderson in his first MasterCard commercial. Since I am a huge Anderson and MacGyver fan, it was the best commercial I had ever seen.

Finally, the commercial that hit my funny bone right on target was the Budweiser: Streaker commercial.

That was just classic to see something different.

Some commercials were completely weird to me during the Super Bowl.

For example, the other Sprint commercial where a man had a ring tone for every situation including if there were a fire in his apartment had no point to it and was disturbing.

Others earning the weird award were Ameriquest: Woman on top of man on airplane, Aleve with Leonard Nimoy, Toyota: Ocean beats up truck, Outback Steakhouse: Boomerang man and Michelob: Woman tackled by man.

In the “What the heck were they thinking?” category, the robot and the monster having an H3 for a baby was just plain wrong.

Also, the Nationwide commercial were Fabio becomes old places itself on the list right next to the Hummer H3 commercial.

Others that have people’s brains doing flips were the Burger King Whopperettes, the Diet Pepsi commercials with Diddy and Jackie Chan and the Emerald Nuts commercial earned the title of “What the heck?”

The last one, the NFL going to Disneyworld, has been done so many times it goes directly to that list.

They should not have thought about making it.

Some did not make any of those three categories because they were not weird or funny. They were commercials.

On this list were the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, Budweiser: Colt pulling cart and The Wave and the Here’s To Beer ad.

The commercials were sparse this year, but the movie trailers were better.

That’s a different story all to itself, though I look forward to Cars and The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Enjoy the new commercials for the year.