Hours should not be abused

By Dwayne Mactavious

By Dwayne Mactavious

Chart Staff

Students believe college is a time to exercise their freedoms as adults and therefore welcome few restrictions. Visitation hours in the residence halls are one of those restrictions.

While students believe they should be allowed to do as they please and at what time they please, the powers that be see reasons for limitations.

Residents in Blaine and McCormick Halls have recently been granted an extra hour to what seemed to be too short visitation hours.

This will allow couples or “special friends” more time for studying, talking, and co-habitating?

Students should appreciate having the extra time to mingle with those of the opposite sex but should not abuse the privilege. The rules are enforced not to punish or treat students as children, but to maintain a certain level of order.

The walls are too thin for certain choice conversations and activities.

For some students, trying to sleep while a roommate and their guest are lying two feet away re-enacting a scene from “Sex and The City” is a bit impossible.

Having rights are important for students, but so is having respect for each other.

Two’s company and three really can be a crowd in a room the size of a prison cell.

Showing a certain level of responsibility as adults can prove there was never a need for visitation restrictions in the first place.

While students may not be monitored as much with the hour extension, they should keep in mind with good behavior comes good rewards.

Who knows, students may be allowed supervised sleep overs.