Local band plans summer tour with several different venues

Derek Rhatigan, guitar, plays at Fat Pats, which is just one of several venues scheduled for Shapeshift Revolutions summer tour.

Kristin Wilfing

Derek Rhatigan, guitar, plays at Fat Pat’s, which is just one of several venues scheduled for Shapeshift Revolution’s summer tour.

Parker Willis

Local vocalist finds new band to rock with.

Several new venues are in the outlook for one local band.

Described by drummer Stephen Shellenbarger as having an “energetic, aggressive sound,” Shapeshift Revolution, a band less than a year old, has 22 songs in its lineup.

The band plans on releasing an album late this spring or early summer at the latest.

Already having recorded seven songs at various studios and most recently Facet Sound Studio in Joplin, the band is preparing for a busy summer.

Joe Rhatigan, lead vocalist for the band, is currently making plans for the band to tour through the Southwest area.

Stops include Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Rhatigan, was once the lead singer of the band Hezree, but due to differences of opinion left the band and has been with his Revolution since May 2005.

Also in the band is Justin Winters on bass and Derek Rhatigan, Joe’s brother, on guitar and back-up vocals.

The group has already opened for bands like Sound and the Fury and has traveled to many venues around the area.

The group has played at Foxtown in Pittsburg, The Drink and the Burgundy Room in Springfield and even down to Sodie’s in Fayettville.

Also it has played in several battle of the bands including one at Quapaw Casino in Oklahoma, Jersies in Miami and Friendfest in Pittsburg.

The group’s most recent performance was playing at Lil’ Chicago and Fat Pat’s in downtown Joplin.

Upcoming shows include the Regional Heavyweights concert at the Quake on Feb 25, Champs Pub and Grill on April 15 and Stella’s in Pittsburg on April 29.

And it frequents Champs and KP and plans on playing on the patios come summer time. The band also plans on playing at the Bridge soon but is unsure of the dates.

And if you plan on seeing a show the members said you will be entertained.

The band described its sound as “heart pounding, head banging donkey punching music.”

“I get a little crazy whenever we’re playing,” Joe said.

He said he even remembers a time when he fell off the stage and had an amp fall on him because he was so into the music.

For more information on upcoming shows or just to listen to samples of the music, please visit Shapeshift Revolution on its Myspace account.