Day offers activities on healthy relationships

Megan Hiesley, freshman graphics art major, makes a Valentines Day card during Healthy Relationships day Feb. 14.

Kristin Wilfing

Megan Hiesley, freshman graphics art major, makes a Valentine’s Day card during Healthy Relationships day Feb. 14.

Auriel Brown

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Feb. 14, the Billingsly Student Center was filled with activities of love and learning during the Healthy Relationships Day at Missouri Southern.

Making Valentines, decorating cookies, booths providing money for raffle drawings and educational material about relationships were available to students.

For those themselves, there was a “Rate Your Relationship” to see how compatible they were with their significant others.

At the end of the day students picked from the drawings walked away with prizes ranging from stuffed animals to date packages.

Some students became so involved in the day’s activities, debates sparked over the importance of the day.

“This is just another over publicized holiday for women,” said Alton Jones, senior kinesiology major. “We get nothing.”

The change from a week to one day gave students the opportunity to engage in various activities all on Valentine’s Day.

Holley Goodnight, coordinator of new student programs, described it as a “red hot day.”

“There’s more to do today than ever,” Goodnight said. “Everything is jam packed into one fun-filled day.”

Elizabeth Drake, sophomore biology major, said Healthy Relationships Day gave her the opportunity to spend time with friends she rarely gets to see due to conflicting class schedules.

“It was a lot of fun and plus I got to take a picture with my friends,” Drake said.

More than the bonding time, some students believed the activity was a necessary rest from academics.

“It gives everybody a break from the normal school routine,” said Matt Russell, junior computer networking major. “It also gave me a reason to skip class.”

“I think the students had a great time and it shows the students are willing to get involved and actually learn at the same time.”

Jennica White, residence hall director in McCormick Hall, said the event created a fun atmosphere for the students and even more so, did not focus exclusively on couples.

“It’s not just about relationships,” she said.

While many students enjoyed the day overall, there were those who felt the need for Healthy Relationships theme more often.

“I think it’s sad that we only pick one day to focus on it,” Jones said. “It should be a year around thing.”