Print journalism is still important

It is vital to support print journalism.

Supporting student journalists is important for the future of journalism. Taking the time to read The Chart validates our work.

By reading this, you are doing your part to keep print journalism alive. Not to say print is dying, but it is safe to assume that most of us get our news digitally.

Most of the news stories on social media finds its way online via through print journalism – which creates both print and digital content. They work together.

Newswriting produces skills transferrable to other careers and industries.

There is more to print than the black and white words on the page. Intriguing photography and page design is extremely important to the legacy and reputation of a printed work.

If you have an interest in photography, page layout, writing, interviewing students and faculty, web design, social media, or advertising, then being on The Chart is a great place for you.

It doesn’t matter what major you are pursuing; the skills you learn will help you in other areas of your life.

The Chart staff works tirelessly to produce interesting content for our readers. We’re always open to some extra hands.

Working for The Chart provides students with interesting opportunities. You become a campus insider of sorts, getting to know students and faculty across campus.

Telling other people’s stories, capturing a moment in a photo and creating structure through design is what makes a good paper; we hope more people want to be a part of the experience.