Alumni’s legacy lives on

Alumnis legacy lives on

Alumni’s legacy lives on

Chart Staff

With the passing of one of Missouri Southern’s greatest alumni, Dennis Weaver, it gives students the opportunity to reflect on the influence of his presence on the campus.

He went out of his way to make sure his alma matre was well taken care of.

Weaver was instrumental in the founding of one of Southern’s newest programs – ecolonomics.

Without his efforts, it is likely this program could not have become what it is today. In fact, it is likely the program would not have even been brought to the attention of the administrators.

Not every alumn can be as influential in his or her career, but Weaver’s efforts should shine to every graduating student.

Southern is the place Weaver chose to come back to each and every time his home school needed him.

He brought a sincere happiness and warmth to the people he interacted with and sought to help in any way he could.

Weaver is the epitome of Southern alums, whether he wanted to be or not.

His Hollywood career often overshadows the smaller items he chose to deal with when it came to his home in Missouri.

Along with the help of the Alumni Association, Weaver was able to come back to campus and discuss his love for nature and the environment. He rarely chose to talk about his time on “Gunsmoke” or “McCloud.”

His love was directed toward the campus, students and all faculty and staff. He truly loved Southern.

Weaver proved this with his last appearance on campus when he brought his original one-man act of Shakespearean plays to Taylor Auditorium.

It was a personal touch on his brilliant career.

Students and employees alike should keep him in memory.