Spiva Library extends hours for finals

Nate Billings

After considering a request from Student Senate, the Library Committee chose to extend its normal working hours.

The library will stay open one hour longer each night during the week before and during finals, but the original request was for even longer hours.

“For a limited time, we thought we could stay open longer,” said Wendy McGrane, director of Spiva Library. “It could be justified for finals.”

The hours will be extended to midnight from April 30 to May 4 and again from May 7 to May 11.

“Everyone is in deep preparation,” she said.

Library staff will be counting the users in the library to see how many people took the opportunity to stay later. If the numbers are high enough, the committee will provide extra hours during finals in the fall.

McGrane said she hopes students will take the opportunity to use the extra hour.

“We’ve tried to notify different places of the change in hours,” she said.

Amber Carr, public services coordinator, has been working on the promotions.

She said during each night, there will be three drawings for different prizes.

Students with identification will be able to sign up for the drawings at the circulation desks. The drawings will happen at 9, 10 and 11 p.m.

She has created pamphlets and bookmarks for the library patrons to pick up for more information. Cups, mugs, hats, pencils, pens and gift certificates will be given out in the drawings as part of the library’s goodie bags.

The library workers said they have already had some interest in the change.

“I know everyone is excited about it,” said Megan Soper, sophomore secondary education major and student worker. “People have been asking about it.”

She said the hours are good for people who naturally stay in the library until it closes at the normal time of 11 p.m.

“They’ll have a great opportunity to study,” she said. “The resources are open, and they’ll be able to get more done.”

Students said they will enjoy the time that’s given to them.

“I think it’s good,” said Phoebe Davis, sophomore elementary education major. “There’s a lot of working people and that gives them more time to come.”

She said the extra hour might be a bad motive for others.

“It could make procrastinators procrastinate even more,” she said.

However, other students said they will make use of the time and hope others do as well.

“I think students will use the library,” said Hank Noll, sophomore undecided major. “I think it’s great. It’ll make more come later.”

In addition to the library hours staying open later, the University Java coffee shop will also be open until 10 p.m. every night the library is open late.

“If you want it to continue in the fall, come and use the library,” McGrane said.