Editor reflects on experiences and memories in college

Auriel Brown - Managing Editor

Auriel Brown – Managing Editor

Auriel Brown

Damn, is it that time already?

Time truly does fly when you are taking on too many classes, working, writing, socializing, nursing hangovers – you catch my drift. This has been quite an experience, I must say.

Five years ago, I remember walking across campus back to my prison-size dorm with news that I was certain would destroy my chances of having a successful college career. Who would have thought, someone so small and innocent would turn out to be the driving force behind my now semi-workaholic nature.

It’s funny how life-altering experiences change your focus, especially during your collegiate years. Well, this is the end now and looking back on my years at Southern, I have a lot to laugh about.

A self-proclaimed poster child for struggles, challenges from parenting, to break-ups, to deciding what I want to be when I “grow up,” it’s safe to say I’m a little drained. What I have learned during my college experience is struggles are merely a way of preparing you for the future. Overcoming obstacles is life’s way of telling you it is OK to proceed to the next level.

One way of proceeding to the next level is by surrounding yourself with those who challenge you to become better. This came to be the case once I decided to join The Chart. This has to be a staff of some of the pickiest, geekiest, over-achieving nerds I have ever met in my life, and yet I am grateful.

Because of you, I have raised my standards of excellence, and I really can’t believe I am saying this, but I will truly miss you all.

All things considered these past few semesters, we managed not to kill each other and there is something to be said for that. Individually, you have each grown on me in your own way, and it’s going to be really strange not spending all of my days and some of my nights stressing and working with you in my home away from home.

Now I could list each and every person who has supported and stood behind me throughout this journey, but let’s be honest. This is not exactly a Grammy I’m getting here, so I’ll spare you the thank you speech.

But of course one must brown-nose to those faculty members who carried me through these past few years when I clearly didn’t deserve it. While I will not disclose their names to keep egos in tact, they know who they are and should always remember Auriel is forever indebted to you.

Many people come to this university and immediately jump on the whining bandwagon about how they wish to transfer, there’s nothing to do, and the excuses go on. The reality of the situation is when you sit around complaining so much, you miss out on what the University really has to offer.

We have faculty members who specialize in solving any problem or can answer any question you could possibly have. Use it to your advantage. The only way to get the most out of your college experience is to indulge in any opportunity possible to grow as a person. Students have countless resources around them and should exhaust them.

I once read prior to entering college that the funny thing about college is once it’s almost over, you finally get it. I’ve never known a more honest statement. A dollar for every should’ve, could’ve, would’ve and I would be one rich woman. Unfortunately turning back time is not an option so I can only move forward.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I will always be thankful to the institution which helped me get my start.