Spring concert brings harmony to campus

Nate Billings

Voices were hoarse after two hours of singing May 2.

The Spring Choral Concert brought together Southern Exposure, the MSSU Chamber Choir and the MSSU Concert Chorale in Taylor Auditorium. Several of the students were in all three groups.

Bud Clark, music department head and director of choral studies, said he was proud of his students. He directed the performances during the night.

“There’s definitely a feeling of relief, but it was actually fun during the concert,” he said.

He said the work was done in the rehearsals during the semester.

Some of the performers, though tired, said they enjoyed being on stage and performing for the night.

“It was fun,” said Chad Kendall, freshman secondary education major. “It’s a feeling of accomplishment. Clark picked a hard selection for us to do, but it was educational.”

Clark said the students worked around two hours a day in the classroom for at least four days a week since the beginning of the semester to perfect their voices and the performances.

“I love this,” said Nicholas Gilmore, junior secondary education major. “It made for big fun to have all the ensembles on stage.”

He said the performances reflect something the community can see for free, which many places may not be able to offer.

Ben Horine, junior theater major, agreed.

“It was a great concert,” he said. “It’s music education. It exposes the public to different types of music with different concerts. It’s definitely educating the public.”

Clark said the students performed well by going through different styles of music from various periods in time such as the renaissance period to more modern times.

“There were different levels of challenge,” he said. “Vocally, it’s pretty trying.”

The students in the ensembles said they thought the overall performance was well received.

“It’s the process that’s worth it,” Gilmore said. “It’s not knowing what it will turn out to be in the end. It’s a life of music.”

Others agreed.

“I really enjoy being a part of something I’m proud of,” said Kyle Lewis, sophomore secondary education major. “It fits a lot of different people. This experience is really enjoyable.”

Some students had a chance to watch the concert from the side while waiting for their part.

Kyle Caldwell, freshman marketing major, played the piano with the full ensemble.

“From just watching it, I thought it went really smoothly,” he said. “The band was rocking.”

He said he thought the performance went well from the audience’s standpoint, but would like to see more people in the building.

“We need to fill up this place,” he said. “There is a definite feeling of excitement.”

Overall, Clark said the performances were as he had hoped.

“The kids have really matured,” he said. “The students stepped up to the challenge both musically and vocally.”