New coffee shop opens downtown

By Liz Chandler

Zinc Coffee, located at 1825 South Main in Joplin, opened for business in November 2018. The shop features a spacious, modern layout, plenty of natural light, and is equipped with a drive-thru.

“We wanted to create a space that would be safe, inviting and hospitable for people,” said Neil Simmonds, Zinc’s manager.

To do this, the staff aims to create art with their products using “the best ingredients and techniques for every cup,” Simmonds said.

The staff also strives to provide top-notch service for their customers.

With multiple coffee shops to choose from in Joplin, the physical attributes and cordiality of Zinc’s staff are what make the shop stand out.

“[The] two things that I always say [that make Zinc different] is, one: the service,” Simmonds said. “I really believe that’s what sets one cafe apart from another, the quality of service that you get.

“[The] second thing is we really try to find the best coffee and make it the best way possible.”

The facility has a lot of space. It even boasts a room people can reserve to have meetings.

“That’s one of the more practical things that makes us different,” Simmonds said.

The roomy cafe is equipped with free WiFi, ideal for studying or relaxing. Whether in the drive-thru or in the shop, a barista is ready to serve customers.

“That pretty much sums it up, just kind of being a beacon of light in Joplin,” Simmonds said. ”A place where people can be loved, can feel known and feel welcomed.”