Governors approve stadium proposal

Jessica MacIntosh

After considering several proposals, the Missouri Southern Board of Governors approved a $50,000 master-plan design recommendation for Hughes Stadium renovations Sept. 15.

Rod Anderson, Board member, said the stadium strategic planning committee decided on six possible proposals for the renovations, trimmed it down to four and then two final proposals.

“We came to a final firm,” he said.

Anderson said the committee decided on RDG Planning Design from Des Moines, Iowa to design the plan.

“They are the group that is doing the recreation center now for us,” he said. “They have a lot of experience in this project and they are excited about coming.”

Anderson said RDG has a purpose-driven design and is familiar with the students and the campus.

“That was pretty important,” he said.

Anderson said the master-plan design will be a study on the flow of traffic

Anderson said RDG has not done other stadiums in the conference, but have built stadiums such as Drake University, Iowa State University, Illinois State University, Anderson (Ind.) University and the University of Florida.

“(It is going to) leave a legacy for many in the future to use, grow and endorse,” he said.

During the meeting, University President Julio León said the head count for the preliminary number in enrollment was up 3.5 percent with students enrolled in 64,404 credit hours, a 5.6-percent increase from last year.

“We are very excited about that,” he said. “This shows that Missouri Southern continues to provide a good value in higher education.”

León said Southern’s tuition and fees are 71 percent of the national average. The average tuition in the nation is $5,400 while the average tuition in Missouri was $5,800. León said Southern’s tuition was $3,916.

“We are charging a very reasonable tuition,” he said.

León also discussed the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority situation. He said the board postponed a vote on Sept. 8 due to communication from the Missouri attorney general’s office. Selling of the loans is now under investigation and the board will meet to vote Wednesday.

“Until then we have to wait and see,” he said.

León updated the Board on the restoration of the Mission Hills Mansion. The new windows are installed and new stucco and roof will be placed.

“It’s been going quite well,” he said.

He said the only problem they have encountered was the two chimneys have deteriorated and replaced them with concrete block chimneys.

León said the restoration to the exterior of the Mansion should be completed end of October to early November.

“The project is proceeding on schedule and it’s moving along quite well,” he said.

As far as the recreation center, León said the budget committee is going to determine what finances the students will have to pay for. This will be what is not covered with private funding.

“(We will) have to look at the composition of (the) student body,” he said.

Eric Norris, Board student representative, said there are still seven seats available on Student Senate.

“I suspect those seats will be filled by the next meeting,” he said.

Norris said the residence halls are full and there are three females still on a waiting list.