Burger King commercial icon prepares for second attempt at 300-foot jump

Trigger Gumm, world record holder and Burger Kings Big Huckin Chicken, is preparing for his second attempt at a 300-foot jump.

Hobie Brown

Trigger Gumm, world record holder and Burger King’s Big Huckin’ Chicken, is preparing for his second attempt at a 300-foot jump.

Hobie Brown

He’s a daredevil, a world record holder, and a resident of the Fuse Network’s reality show Camp Crusty. Did I fail to mention this California native is also a chicken?

Most people remember Trigger Gumm as the guy who crashed at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Okla on July 23, 2006. They don’t realize his lesser-known identity is the Big Huckin’ Chicken from the Burger King commercials.

“It’s one of those things where I thought one of my friends was joking with me,” Gumm said. “They asked me if I would jump in a chicken suit, and I said, ‘Hell yeah.’ Then they sent me the e-mail and it was from the Burger King Corporation. I knew then it was for real. It was a cool shoot and something I am really proud of.”

All poultry in motion jokes aside, Gumm looks to accomplish his attempt to break his world record on American soil as part of the Buffalo Bike Run on June 16, 2007 at the Buffalo Run Casino. He failed at his previous feat in July.

“The landing ramp has not been tore down,” said Tony Holden, event promoter. “I promised Trigger we wouldn’t touch it until we decided what to do.”

For several months, Gumm replayed the events of the failed jump over and over in his mind.

“I knew when I was in the air that when the gust hit me I would be a little short,” he said. “I basically went into survival mode; land on the bike, take the initial impact, and then go into a roll.”

Though rolling down the mound of dirt seem to help, the damage had already been done. Gumm ended up walking away from his crash suffering injuries to his neck and back.

“It was pretty much the lights were on, but nobody was home,” he said. “I have never been knocked out, but that was pretty close.”

This time around, Gumm plans to make a few changes before his next record-breaking attempt.

“I’ll be jumping on a two stroke instead of a four stroke motorcycle,” he said. “I’ll be riding a service 500 instead of a 450. I’m definitely going to use a little different angle on my ramp.”

In the meanwhile, Gumm will maintain his very active schedule, leading up to his attempt at Buffalo Run to jump 300 feet.

“I just finished up the Camp Crusty Reality show and the two wheel Harley Davidson ride and the Baja 1000,” he said. “In March I will be jumping a sliver of the Grand Canyon, which will be nice. After the Buffalo Run jump, I want to go to Lake Placid and do the 120 millimeter speed jump.”

Gumm is primed and ready to make the jump, and he’s not going to allow the results of his last attempt hold him back.

“Sometimes you have to get back on the horse that threw you,” he said.

Information about Trigger Gumm can be found on his website, www.triggersarmy.com or about his involvement in the Huckin’ Chicken project at www.huckinchicken.com.